About Us

We are a beauty brand which provides and infuses high level of health and beauty safety through our Vegan and Cruelty-free makeup products which are safe to wear on the skin without toxic properties that could pose a threat to your skin. 
To create more awareness on health and safety, our beauty health guide ‘Your Beauty Police’, (a best seller on amazon) acts as a tool to guide everyone to help influence your beauty health decisions.
We are available to provide makeup application services for all occasions. Send us an email to book an appointment with us.
Also, our beauty brand promotes diversity and inclusion as we cater for every Skin colour and type.
Let’s mind your health and beauty safety, we can’t wait to serve you.
Our makeup products include:
– Foundation 
– Powder 
– Eyeliner/Eyelash Adhesive (dual-purpose)
– Multi Purpose Vibrant Pigment Eyeshadow 
– Multi-purpose Earth Tone Pigment Eyeshadow.
– Matte lipstain
– Lipgloss
– Eyelashes