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We are a leading beauty brand committed to providing the highest level of health and beauty safety through our Vegan and Cruelty-free makeup products. Our products are carefully formulated to be safe and non-toxic, ensuring they are gentle and beneficial for your skin. At the core of our brand is the belief that health and safety should never be compromised for beauty. That's why we created 'Your Beauty Police,' a bestselling beauty health guide available on Amazon. This guide serves as a valuable resource to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their beauty and health.

Our Founder

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Oluwanifemi Fagbohun, also known as Niffy, is an internationally trained Chemical and Polymer Engineer with a wide range of experience. She excels in various fields, including Project Research Engineering, Beauty Consultancy, Event Planning, Business Coaching, Authorship, Customer Resolution, Health and Beauty Safety Advocacy, and Independent Executive Sales Consultancy.

Niffy is a Global Beauty Mogul and Beauty expert/consultant at Niffy Signature. She is Infection Control certified as well as Health and Safety Certified. She is also the Founder and Business Coach at Montreal Vendors, a Wardrobe Stylist at Accessories by Niffy, an Independent Executive Sales Consultant, and a dedicated Wife and Mother to three children.

With a wealth of experience spanning Chemical and Polymer Engineering, Project Management, and more, Niffy is a force to reckon with. In her 18 years of being in the beauty and makeup industry, Nifemi has empowered 1000+ beauty experts through Niffy Signature Academy, Mentorship & Empowerment initiatives. She is not your regular beauty professional, she is well-seasoned and vast. Presently, she's awarded Canadian Top 100 Women to Watch 2023(by CIBWE) , BMO - selected Black Business participant of '”Wrap the Good” campaign' 2023., Black History month 2024 'change makers' feature with CBC

As a 5 times best-selling author, she's penned "Your Beauty Police," aligning with her brand's ethos of spreading "love, health, and beauty safety one product and service at a time." Founder of 'Niffy Signature,' her vegan and cruelty-free makeup line reflects her commitment to safe beauty practices. Recognized for her expertise by prestigious media outlets, Niffy's accolades, including awards for her makeup artistry, underline her significant impact on the beauty and business landscape.

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Global Beauty Expert &

Best-Selling Author

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"Falling For Glamour: Where Beauty, Books, and Wisdom empower the everyday women in business to Illuminate their Path Forward with Confidence and Success."


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Healthy Skin

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.” — Renee Rouleau

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Niffy Signature


Elevate your beauty skills with Niffy Signature Beauty Makeup Masterclass. Learn expert techniques, personalized colour matching, and the latest trends in a luxury hands-on workshop. Unveil your inner artist and create your unique NiffyBeauty look.

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At Niffy Signature, we're more than just a beauty brand – we're your partner in achieving radiant and healthy skin. Our philosophy revolves around caring for your skin with the utmost attention and precision, bringing you products that combine luxury with effective results. Your Skin Health and Beauty Safety is our priority.

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At Niffy Signature, inclusivity is at the heart of our brand. Our eyeshadow palette is a celebration of diversity, featuring a wide array of colors that complement all skin types. From warm neutrals to bold and vibrant shades, our palette allows you to effortlessly switch from subtle day looks to dramatic evening statements. Each hue is expertly chosen to enhance the natural beauty of every skin tone, offering endless possibilities for creativity.

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Niffy Signature Long-Lasting Lip Stains – is your ultimate solution for a dynamic lip look that transitions seamlessly from a busy morning to a glamorous evening. Our lip stains are carefully formulated to provide unparalleled longevity without compromising on comfort or style.

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Your Beauty Police

From Best-selling author


Global Beauty Expert, Nifemi Fagbohun.

In this book, you will gain insight into-

★ Analyzing beauty products.

★ How to identify between non-toxic and toxic products based on symbols and certifications of approval.

★ The chemical components in some beauty products may be hazardous to your health.

★ Pregnancy precautions that need to be taken when using certain beauty products.

★ COVID-19 precautions and procedures that are necessary to take concerning the application and use of beauty products.

Beauty doesn't have to hurt in this way! Gain the knowledge that would add years to your life!

customer reviews

Absolutely in awe of The Niffy Signature Makeup Brand!

This product completely matched up and stayed true to its mission of health and beauty safety.

As someone who is particular about the products I use on my skin, I am thrilled to have found a brand that prioritizes quality and performance. Transformed my makeup routine.

The formula is incredibly smooth and long-lasting, providing a flawless finish that lasts all day. It blends like a dream.

This Female Black owned Makeup Brand has truly exceeded my expectations with the inclusivity and representation of all shades you can think of.

Not only is the product exceptional, but the packaging is also stunning – a true representation of the brand's commitment to luxury and elegance.

Thank you for changing the narrative of the makeup and beauty industry as you push health and safety first.

Your magnetic eyeliner stays on and non- smudgy even when I went to swim, had to clean it off myself. Foundation,powder and lipstain safe to wear and really matte. Oh, the eyeshadow palettes are on OMG! Level.. Very sleek finish on the eyes. Niffy, I get compliments every time I have makeup on my face and it's all your line of products I wear. Hence, couldn't but write this true story of a good product line that needs to be told and heard by all.

Glad to have your range of products in my beauty stash. Next to try is your 3-in-1 Eyebrow pen.

-Ashley Will

Prompt, good customer relation, Swift response, good after sale service, wonderful products .

– Remi Komolafe.

The perfect vegan product for all skin tones

– -Oluwabukola Olaniyi

Prompt shipping, products do as expected. I got the magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes and it's been one of the best beauty decisions I've made. Love it

-Jo oo

Amazing cruelty-free beauty brand.

- Melalush by Khara

I am obsessed with the Niffy Signature Eyeshadow Multi- purpose Pallete. I have both palletes and and love them both. The pigmentation in the colourful shades are out of this world. I have received so many compliments on my eye makeup since using it and I just love how vibrant it makes me look. Knowing that it’s a curated by a Beauty Expert is evident in the quality I’ve received!

-Latoya. B

Without mincing words, she's the best at this.

- Demirose touch

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